Products and Services

The services that we provide are interrelated. They may be provided separately, but also together as a package.

Vehicle purchase

We offer the following services:

  • Selection of vehicle provider, including negotiation and conclusion of a maximum price reduction in the Czech Republic
  • On your behalf - Negotiation of an additional price reduction from your supplier in the Czech Republic, as well as in the European Union.
  • On your behalf - Negotiation of the most suitable financing for your vehicle
  • Insurance for your vehicle
  • „Autolobbing Fleet Card“ – AFC
  • Registration and changes in the vehicle register
  • Vehicle transfer from a car provider to any designated destination in the Czech Republic, as well as any another country within the European Union
  • Settling of any formalities regarding to car accessories

Car financing

Free of charge, we will advise you about the suitability and advantages of financing offered by your a vehicle provider.
Moreover, we will give you recommendations for the most suitable financing that will meet your needs, possibilities, and the mode of vehicle use.

Through one of our partner leasing companies, we will aid you in purchase of your vehicle by assisting you in one the following payment methods:

  • Leasing
  • Credit
  • Operative leasing (without tax accounting services)
  • Full service operative leasing (with complete services)
  • A long-term car rent without operative leasing

Car insurance

We are a certified insurance agent of the company UNIQA a.s., insurance institute.

Our company offers and mediates the following types of insurance policies:

  • Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance – CMTPL / POV – obligated by law
  • Collision insurance KASKO. This insurance includes damages due to one‘s own fault, natural disaster, vandalism, and theft. Moreover, you can purchase an additonal accident benefit to help you cover the cost of your windshield, seats, luggage, assistance services, and a car replacement.
  • Motor legal protection insurance - DAS

Vehicle registration

This service includes all necessary formalities concerning motor vehicle registration!

This service includes a mediation of the following tasks:

  • Vehicle registration
  • The cancelation of vehicle registration
  • A complete transfer of your vehicle
  • Issuing and obtaining the certified copies of your car registration documents
  • Replacement of damaged number plates
  • Formalities related to vehicle import and export within the borders of the European Union

Car service & repair

These services are especially designed for owners of the Autolobbing Fleet Card (AFC); for further information, please visit the section about our product “Fleet Card.“
Note that the AFC is not a condition, which would prevent you from benefiting from the below stated services. It determines solely the level of discount that you can obtain.

With respect to car service & repair we provide the following services:

  • Regular technical check-ups (as recomended by the car manufacturer)
  • Maintenance and repairs (servicing)
  • So-called „heavy service“ – car body works and lacquer works
  • So-called “Turn-key” services - solution for insured events
  • A complete tyre service

Fleet lobbying

If you use several vehicles for business needs, a so-called “fleet;” on your behalf, we will negotiate with an appropriate vehicle supplier and car service provider a discount that will considerably reduce your car maintenance and repair cost.

This product concerns price reduction on the following services:

  • Car purchase
  • Work and material
  • Rental vehicle fees (for a replacement car)
  • Mobile service
  • Assistance services
  • Car washing and cleaning

Fleet Card

An owner of the Autolobbing Fleet Card (AFC) is authorized to enjoy the highest fleet discounts possible, as opposed to those who do not owe this card.
This discount is unified and can be applied at all authorized and independent service providers after presenting the AFC. The AFC covers all car service, car rent, even a car wash.
The AFC is registered in the system of Autolobbing s.r.o., it is non-transferable, and has an optional validity.

Car sale

When one decides to sell a car, it is time to say a final “good bye.“ Simoutaneously, it is also a moment when one wants to sell his car at the best proffit, while the other expects to purchase a vehicle for the best price possible. While the final objective of car sale should meet the satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer, in most cases, the opposite seems to be the case.

In order to prevent disappointments during a car sale, or a car purchase, we provide the following services:

  • An electronic auction, during which we select for your car a buyer that offers the highest amount of money
  • A cash purchase of your vehicle, as long as it fulfills the Euro 4 emission norms (2005+)
  • Consignment sale of your vehicle, as long as it fulfills the Euro 3 emission norms (2000+)

Car import

Are you thinking of buying a used, or a new car in one of the EU countries?
We recommend that you choose your purchase on the internet.

Once you make your choice, we will handle for you the following services:

  • If your purchase is not payed through a bank transfer, we will provide a vehicle transport to a designated place of a cash payment.
  • If you purchase your car abroad, we will provide a transport for your vehicle to the Czech Republic
  • We are capable of communicating in English, German, French, Russian, Czech, and Slovak
  • We will handle any formalities related to the vehicle registration within the Czech Republic.

Car replacement

Thanks to this service, our clients can enjoy a 24/7 mobility. This service is convenient during:

  • Car check-up and service
  • Car repair after a collision
  • The wait period between the order and delivery of your new car

For the AFC owners, we provide these additional services:

  • Unlimited car rental
  • Using services within the scope of our product „Drop-off service.“ (To find out more about this service, please, read our section „Drop-off service“ under icon „Products and Services.“)

Tyres, wheels and other car accessories

We are the authorized dealer of ContiTrade Services s.r.o., and we offer the following equipment and accessories:

  • A complete product assortment of the following business groups and companies: BARUM, CONTINENTAL, UNIROYAL, SEMPERIT and MATADOR
  • Assortment of other tyre brands: MICHELIN, KLEBER, BF GOODRICH, SAVA, KORMORAN, GOODYEAR, DUNLOP, FULDA, BRIDGESTONE, COOPER, NOKIAN, KUMHO, PIRELLI, and Russian brands such as KAMA or Belshina
  • Steel and cast-iron wheels: AEZ, ENZO, DEZENT, DOTZ, BROCK, CMS, OXIGIN, PROLINE
  • Car batteries: TOPLA, VARTA, PERION
  • Exhaust pipes: ROSI, TYLL, WALKER, IZAWIT, GT
  • Dampers: SACHS, KAYABA
  • Other products offered are: brake components, snow-chains, motor oils, chemical and cleaning products, and repair and maintenance materials

Car wash

If you want your car to be clean and retain its lacquer work undamaged, or if you are an owner of a cabriolet with a typical linen roof, avoid taking your vehicle into an automatic car wash!

Instead, we offer the following services:

  • Hand wash of exterior; vacuum of interior; interior cleaning (utilizing both dry and wet way), treatment of wheels and tyres.
  • Treatment and regeneration of interior and exterior plastics, lacquer preservation and protection with a UV filter.
  • A complete lacquer renovation by Sonax and 3M technology.

STK – Emission and Vehicle Testing Station

Under article 56/2001 Coll. of the Traffic Law settling and rules for traffic on roads open for public use, car owners are required to ensure that their vehicle is in a good shape and technically competent at all times. This also applies to those owners, who already obtained a stamp for their car worthiness in a registration book, as well as for those with a technical worthiness sticker on their license plates.

We are here for you to make sure you do not neglect any legal obligations that concern your car. This is why we offer the following services:

  • Regular seasonal vehicle inspections
  • Registration control (as required by the motor vehicle registry with the change in vehicle ownership)
  • Technical check-up and adjustment before you do the official technical inspection and emission mesuarments on your vehicle
  • Vehicle transport for emission measurement and technical inspection

Pick-up service

For a layman, the term “Pick-up Service” is a vague expression; however, in the international fleet business, this term is used fairly frequently. If you are a person that does not enjoy going to a dealership to get a car service then our pick-up service is custom-made especially for you.
We will pick-up your car, take it for a service, and personally check whether or not the service fulfills all of your requirements. Finally, we will return your vehicle back to a designated location.