The specialist in online vehicle auctions

Welcome to the website of Autolobbing s.r.o. Our company provides a large variety of car-related services, including car maintenance and car sale. We differentiate ourselves from the majority of car providers by specializing in online vehicle auctions.
You no longer have to worry about where and how to buy/sell your car for the best price. From our experience, buying and selling a used vehicle online is very efficient and fulfills the needs and expectations of every client.

A short overview of our products and services

Our company aims to address clients in retail sector and smaller businesses to provide them with all car-related services. Our services are interrelated and can be purchased all together as a package, or separately depending on individual needs.

Vehicle purchase » Fleet lobbying » Car wash »
Car financing » Car sale » Emissions and Vehicle testing station »
Car insurance » Car import » Pick-up service »
Vehicle registration » Replacement vehicle » Drop-off service »
Car service & repair » Tyres and wheels »

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