About us

Prepare yourself a special cocktail!

Put the following ingredients into the mixer: our experience and the successful work

  • 20 years in the Czech air force with all its attributes
  • 7 years of services for an authorized auto dealer of a reputable brand. This experience gave us undersanding of the problematics related to car sales and purchases, as well as car services and interrelated tasks.
  • 7 years of work for a leasing company that dominates the Czech leasing market. During this period, we have been responsible for all tasks related to short and full operative leasing.
  • 3 years of direct fleet management for big clients

Add further ingredients and turn on your mixer:

  • 5 years of intensive activities for a universal insurance company
  • 7 years of activities in administration and logistics

Then switch off the mixer and enjoy the result! You will discover:

  • Ability to organize and manage diverse processes; this ability concerns cars as well as other products
  • Professional behavior, products, and services in the field of vehicle sales, financing, insurance, and car-related services
  • Sensibleness and understanding of the needs of our clients
  • Fairness, politeness, honesty, and respect toward our clients

The business policy


„Enjoy your car – let us take care of all the rest!”

This slogan represents the essence of our business Autolobbing s.r.o..

The target clients of our company Autolobbing s.r.o. are clients in the retail sector and smaller businesses.

We perceive our customer as an individual. From a commercial point of view, this individual does not represent an interesting target for neither a leasing company (which offers an operative leasing), nor for similar fleet administrators. Such a person - that is interested in cars and car related services, and that is neither a legal person, nor an owner of a car fleet - has no chance of getting the attention of bigger companies.

Autolobbing merges individual vehicles into bigger fleets, especially in the case of a car purchase or repair. In other words, from a technical point of view, Autolobbing represents a retail business with the attributes and advantages of a wholesale business.

We purchase our products at a wholesale customer price. As a consequence, you may buy any product or service through Autolobbing s.r.o. at a significantly cheaper price.

Nevertheless, we offer you much more than services and products for a convenient price. Our products are of an amazing quality and our services are very reliable. Consequently, you no longer have to deal with any unreliable used-car salesmen, or with any inconveniences connected to a bad quality of a car service.
Our company motto, as mentioned above, is a promise to you: Thanks to us, you will never have to deal with any service or product-related problems in the future!

Autolobbing is here for you – to solve your tasks and problems. We are offering you comfort that a number of you experience only when using a work car. While the quality of services provided for your work car are exceptional and give you a great satisfaction, you also seek to get the same quality of service for your private vehicle.

That is why we are here for you – the company Autolobbing s.r.o.!